Friday, June 6, 2008

Six Word Memoir

RO: This is tougher than it least it has been for me. I was visiting the blog of a lovely gardener from New Zealand who had been tagged with the Six Word Memoir. Now, I'm not that interested in going through the whole "I'm tagged, you're tagged" thing, but the notion of being able to describe oneself in just six words is pretty intriguing.I loved HERS....Still growing after all these years, but I can't very well use that, can I?

My husband suggested "I've got a lot of work." And it's a pretty good one. I've always had a lot of work...ever since I was a kid. Granted, most of it is of my own making - everything from "I must make the doll clothes now!" (age eight) to "I will go to El Salvador in the middle of my book tour - I can do it, it will only be a week" (last March.) I seem to pack a lot in to every day.

What would your six word memoir be?

JAN: "Wondering where she left her purse?" or more optimistically, "Trusting she will find her purse."

RO: Too funny!!

HANK: Ever since I first heard about this 6 word thing, I've been fascinated. The book with many of them "Not Exactly What I Had Planned" (a great one) explains the legend. Hemingway was once asked to write a short story in six words. He wrote: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
Legend or not, wow. My favorite favorite favorite so far, which I do wish I had thought of, and lust after for myself, isEnglish major. You do the math.
Mine might be: Working, hoping, trusting. And, gratefully, happy.or: Are the black ones size nine? or: Wishing for latte, will accept coffee.or: Trying once more. It could happen.
Yeah, I especially like that one.

ROBERTA: how about "too much pressure, brain might explode"?

RO: Well, if we're going to be funny..."where are my black cowboy boots?" and the classic... "Does this make me look fat?"