Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth!

I'm hoping that the rain will stop long enough for me to get some work done in the garden and I'm hoping there will be enough hours in the day for me to watch Wimbledon, bake and, oh yeah, work on my revisions.

Something else I'm doing this weekend.. I'm heading for Groton CT, for an event called Subfest. No, it's not an all-you-eat contest hosted by a major fastfood chain, it's a big old all-American celebration at the naval base. I've never been before but CAPA,Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, is organizing a booth for local authors and it sounds like great fun.

And I have a personal connection to the US Nautilus. Family legend says that my parents went to see the Nautilus when it was parked (is that what they call it?) in the Brooklyn Navy Yard when I was just an infant. One of us, and here's where the story gets fuzzy, was wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers t-shirt.

Reporters from The Daily News were there and wanted to take a picture of a baby on board but apparently I wouldn't stop crying and some other kid got the honor.
Maybe I'll get to go on board this time. (Slim chance I'll be crying.)
So what are you guys doing for the fourth?
PS Tmw, my favorite Fourth of July recipes, Berry cream cake and white wine sangria.


  1. Oh, SUB fest! So cool. And it would be hilarious if it were about sandwiches.

    I am:

    in AM--working working working
    in afternoon--working working working
    in PM--having lobsters and G&T's with Jonathan and great pals. Watching fireworks--we can see them from our back yard if you look in just the right place through the big sugar maple in the back yard.

    Happy 4th to all!

    Sunday: working working working-- and also packing for Craftfest and Thrillerfest! Who's coming to my Wednesday seminar on using TV techniques to write a top-notch thriller?


  2. You should have a blast. Submariners are an interesting lot. In my day job, I've been a liaison to 2 subs my city adopted when they came to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for overhaul and boy, can those guys party. I was privileged to get a tour of the USS Hartford before it went back out to sea for 3 months and it's amazing how much food they can cram into the galley, hallways and everywhere else. Funny, the commander noted, there always seem to be cans of beets left at the end of the trip....

  3. Years ago I was working in San Francisco and commuting from the East Bay, across the Bay Bridge (yes, the one that partially collapsed in the earthquake). One morning I happened to look out the window of the bus and saw what I realized was a submarine passing below. It was huge!

    We now live near Fall River, where there is a WWII submarine you can go through. Now that's small--and I can't imagine going to war in one.