Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sweet Fifteen!

RO: Fifteen grand slams. What a match! I hated to see Andy Roddick lose after he had such a great tournament, and played an almost perfect match today. And 16-14 in the fifth.? I can't believe I sat still for 5 hours, but I do it every year...and I don't even play.
And now back to the book stuff......


  1. They should have called it a tie at 12 all and awarded two trophies. My heart bled for Andy--so very close and nothing really he could blame himself for. he played the match of his life!

  2. It was awesome. And I'm rooting for Andy at the US OPEN.

    What a match!

  3. I may have to root for Andy at the Open, too. He was terrific. I go to the Open every year, but next year maybe Wimbledon, too.

  4. Yeah, I can't believe I sat there and watched the entire match (another non-tennis player). Usually I have the tv on and wander in and out while I do other stuff.

    I think Roger really wanted this one after losing last year.