Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is this news?

It may not be up there with Headless Body in Topless Bar, the infamous New York City headline, but this one has got to get honorable mention. It was either a slow news day or the grownups at the Trentonian started their holiday weekend early and left some kids in charge.

Having gotten the inspiration for all three of my books from items in the newspaper, I had to buy the paper. Who knows..maybe I can use it for book four.

Apart from dead celebs and the really serious stuff (war, the economy, the Yankees and the Red Sox), what's catching your eye in the papers these days?

Is it Roger Federer's quest for number 15, some politician's non-trip to the Appalachian trail? Take your gun to church day?

Is there anything you'd like to turn into your next mystery?


  1. Oh, there's too much! Soon-to-be-ex-governor Sanford. The Madoff sentence--Jonathan and are are still arguing. (I mean, get the story straight!) The travails of the lovely Alice Hoffman.

    Al Franken! And Tylenol--Which the amazning Lucy Zahray, the poison lady, has always said was the deadliest item in our homes.

  2. It wasn't from a newspaper, but at the wonderful Deadly Ink con last weekend. During Sunday's brunch we talked about some local controversial news and my mind automatically went to "What if" short story

    Paula Matter

  3. Nothing in the newspapers these days, but this guy has always been a fascinating figure to me and to my students. I've been doing a bit more research on him this summer. We're doing something collaboratively on his "case" across my mass media courses in the Fall -- speculative fiction, teleplay, etc.

    Augustin LePrince

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  5. The recall of the tomato plants at all the big box stores. The same disease/fungi (??)that started the Potato Famine. What a great way to get a biological thriller going.

  6. And don't forget Clark Rockefeller, he could probably be the villain in a three-book trilogy.