Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bouchercon - Day 2

Rhys checked in with this report on Day 2 on the conference that devoured San Francisco...

Bouchercon, day two. Highlights were definitely the Reacher's Creatures party, at which there were four, repeat FOUR Jack Reacher lookalikes and we had to vote on which one we thought was most like him. Let me tell you that all four were as tall as Lee (about six five) and very easy on the eye so it was hard to choose. I didn't see any of them kill or maim anybody so couldn't really judge--and the second highlight was supplying Dove bars in the hospitality suite. (you can tell from this what a shallow creature I really am.)

By the end of the day I had seen most people I wanted to see. I finally bumped into Tasha Alexander and new husband Andrew Grant, looking so sweetly happy together and I attended a fun panel chaired by Don Bruns, in which the panelists had to create a story from a headline read by the audience from today's newspaper. Let's just say that Hilary Clinton ended up in a mess of trouble according to their story..

I had to zoom across the Bay to sign books for Penguin at the Northern California booksellers convention. I looked up and sitting directly opposite me was Val McDermid. We waved to each other in between signing like crazy as the publisher gave away free books and booksellers had them signed. Came back to convention with tired hand.

Tomorrow is my panel at eight thirty a.m. Will try to be bright and witty very early. And tomorrow night is the disco ball. I'm not sure about that.

HALLIE: Rhys, Hank, we want pictures of you at the ball!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted Rhys! it's almost as good as being there. Almost...