Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrity Crushes

ROSEMARY: Well, I started the week with a confession, I might as well end with one.

Tony Curtis was my first celebrity crush.

I must have been ten years old when a friend and I saw him on Fifth Avenue - and we chased him! The poor man ran into the Roosevelt hotel (I think that was the one near Saks) and we were too afraid to follow him in.

No idea what we thought we were doing, but it was shades of The World of Henry Orient, a charming movie about two friends who have a crush on a composer.

The hair was always a little weird. The accent could be off-putting ("Yonder lies the castle..") And he did seem to turn into Charles Durning as he aged. But what a hottie in his youth.

These days he probably would have gotten meatier roles than some of the pretty boy ones he had in the '50s, but we'll always have his "cookie full of arsenic" Sidney Falco.

My current crushes are Morgan Freeman, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, and as has been well-documented on this blog...Russell Crowe.

Surprisingly, Ben Affleck is coming on strong. Not just a pretty face. (Go see The Town. Really good.)

So, who was your first celebrity crush?


  1. Oddly, I think it was Flipper the Dolphin.

  2. Mine was also Tony Curtis. In fact, he's the only celebrity I've ever had a crush on. Oh, wait. I also crush (hard) on Gene Wilder. I know, weird. Something about funny guys with curly hair and blue eyes, I guess.

  3. Oh,, I love The Town. But sorry, RO, Ben Affleck...eesh. Not on my list.

    Gregory Peck. Still.

    MY FIRST crush? Hmm. I'm really trying to remember. Maybe Louis Jourdan in Gigi? (Although actually , he was creepy.) Or Rod Serling.

    And then, of course, John Lennon.

  4. Robert Conrad in Wild, Wild West. My first and only celeb crush.

  5. My first cebrity crush was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I played being her for ages. During my teens my crushes were on tennis stars--Ken Rosewall, Rod Laver etc.

    And my only real movie star crush was and still is on Robert Redford. I have a big glossy of him on my wall with open shirt. Gorgeous.

  6. I know I'm dating myself... but it was Bobby followed by Annette. Points if you know who I'm talking about.

    After that, Warren Beatty. Talk about Hot.

    And aren't people's choices interesting? The question is sort of a Rorschach.

  7. Who's Bobby?

    And Flipper? Alan, when you got older did you graduate to Shamu?

  8. Karen, Cubby, Roy, Jimmy...Darlene, Doreen, Annette, Bobby!!

    Ask me--someday--about my meeting with Warren Beatty.

  9. I think Hallie means Bobby of the Mouseketeers!

    My first celeb crushes were:
    Movies-Paul Newman
    TV-Toss up between Paladin (Richard Boone) & Dr. Kildare

    Because I'm fickle, there have been many in between(including Gregory Peck,Robert Redford, Sam Elliot & Sam Shepard) and I still think Tom Selleck is very easy on the eye!

    Lynn in Texas

  10. Donny Osmond was my first crush. Elton John soon after.

    And I kind of dug Gene Wilder too Karen. He was sensitive. You could just tell.

    Now, Kid Rock - especially when he sings country. I'd follow that voice anywhere.

    Lynn in Illinois...

  11. Gene Wilder lives near me in CT, I used to sometimes get his copy of the Hollywood Reporter. He's still pretty cute.

  12. George Harrison.

    What I find interesting, is that I didn't want Paul or John because everyone else liked him.

    As if I thought that picking George improved my odds. AS Hank says....eeesh!!

    But I did also admire George after the Beatles split up. SO maybe he was sort of religious experience for me and not just a simple crush

  13. Sean Connery is the one, but I'll never forget Hal Holbrook in the Girl from Petrovka. Just something about him . . .

  14. Okay..I've gotta go with Shaun Cassidy. I had the record, a poster (I think it came with the LP), and yes...a t-shirt with an iron-on. And of course all of the Tiger Beat magazines!
    Most recent celebrity crush would have to be Ellen ;)

  15. Bobby, Shaun, Donny - weren't they all related?

    Lucille Ball and Gene Wilder...

    Affinity circles.

  16. People, people, people. Please. There is one--and will only ever be one-- true, pure, absolute King of Crush:
    George Clooney.
    'Nuff said.