Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walking Abbey or Downton Dead?

ROSEMARY HARRIS: Is it possible that the same woman who's now seen Downton Abbey - all three seasons - umpteen times (yes, I did watch the dvds so I know how this season ends) and is seriously considering orchestrating a trip to Mozambique through London next September so she can watch the two hour premier of Season Four (shooting this month) when it airs in the UK is also chomping at the bit to see The Walking Dead tonight?? You betcha.

I know - no hats, no gloves (some of the characters don't have hands or heads, much less vintage accessories.) No spectacular home - unless you count the bombed-out prison with the razorwire fence that keeps out the zombies. But there you have it.  Shocking admission.Tonight I'll be watching Rick and the gang instead of Lady Mary and company.

If anyone had told me two years ago that I'd be watching a zombie show I'd have said that was about as likely as my trying out for the Yankees. But it's not really a zombie show. There's a small amount of survivalism but it's mostly about people, society. How society might reconstruct itself if all the established rules and systems were destroyed. Who would lead or follow? What skills would reveal themselves to be valuable? (Hint: a former pizza delivery man with knowledge of all the city's backstreets proves to be a handy fellow to have around.)

Okay let's talk favorites...hopefully we have some Walking Dead fans out there. Who's your favorite character? These days mine's Darryl Dixon played by actor Norman Reedus, the same actor who was one of the Boondock Saints. Another movie least likely to be beloved by Downton Addicts. Who's your favorite survivor?

And for the Downton fans - we know everyone loves the Dowager Countess so let's leave her out of the mix. Of the other characters on Downton Abbey, which are your faves? These days I'm loving Daisy, played by Sophie McSchera. And poor Tom (Alan Leech.) Looks good in a tux AND he can fix cars. I feel sure I could comfort him in his loss.

What about you?? Who will you be cheering for tonight?


  1. If you like this zombie show, I'll give it a try, but so far the only paranormal thing I watch is True Blood. As for Downton, I think all the men are twits except for Bates. He's a hero worth rooting for.

  2. The zombie show -- REALLY? Ok, like Jack, I'll give it a try.

    Bates? BATES? Such a dreary bloke. And no sparks at all for me between him and Joanne.

    I like Carson, even if he is a stuffed shirt. Love Mrs. Hughes (the housekeeper) and Mrs. Patmore (the cook). In fact, with the exception of Violet, I like DOWNSTAIRS much better than upstairs...

  3. Mrs. Patmore? Yikes. I usually click MUTE when she starts harping on poor Daisy.

  4. My TV has not been hooked up for a couple of years so I don't know anything about the zombie show. I watch Downton Abbey on DVD and I love it - except that the suspense gets to be a little too much for me sometimes! My favorite characters are Bates, Anna, Carson, and Mrs Hughes. The Crawley family annoys me! I do like Isobel, though,but not as much as I like the "downstairs" people I mentioned above.

  5. I tried to like Downton, I really really did but it felt all flash no bang. Pretty and nice but with no emotional connect for me. I didn't really care about any character. As for The Walking Dead I've watched from the beginning as I'd read the comic. It gets good, it gets bad, I roll my eyes a lot and love pointing out all the myriad of narrative holes. Its good clean gory fun.

  6. Downton Abbey fan.. I love the nastiness of some of the downstairs dealings...

  7. I'm like DebRo. I don't have TV per se. Watch stuff as DVDs or, in Downton's case, online. So I've never seen Walking Dead. I have lots of friends in the crime-writing community who love it, so I'd be interested in seeing an episode. But I'm not a zombie fan. I can understand the vampire and werewolf craze, even if some of it is poorly done, but zombies, heck no--unless they were the original voodoo-type. These popular zombies aren't. Purely a Hollywood creation that leaves me pretty cold.

    Downton, on the other hand, I love! So does Ben. Our youngest turned us onto it with a marathon watch of the DVD set Christmas before last. We're still grieving over Sybil, who was one of our favorites abovestairs.

    My faves are the same as yours, putting the Dowager aside, Rosemary. Daisy and Tom. I think Matthew should hire Tom to live in one of the estate's houses, and manage the farms, and Daisy should take over William's father's farm. Then, maybe they could get together eventually. :-)

    Actually, I think Cora will become Tom's strong advocate. She promised Sybil that the night before she died, the last time they were able to speak to each other.

  8. I'll try again to watch Walking Dead. Really, Ro, I will..I know I should like ,it ,but ah...okay, no comment, I'll try again.

    I liked LAdy Mary, but now, she's getting weird. And it's a good question, you pose, because in thinking about it, I don't really like anyone. Bates and Anna? Pfft. Get on with that plot.

    There's no way, no matter what they do, that they can rehabilitate Sybil for me. LAdy Mary is now too--brittle and why doesn't she love Matthew anymore? Daisy is annoying and has no confidence or clear iage of herself, Sybil would never have fallen for--what's his name? And the evil staff is just predictable. And The dowager, I know she's off limits, but every time I love her (seems a shame to miss a perfectly good pudding), I remember someone WROTE that line.

    Whoa..didn't mean to rant!

    Because even so,, I really look forward to it!

    Can we talk about The Americans soon?

    ANd thank you thank you for all the good Agatha's so heartwarming to hear from you..i

  9. I do love Daisy too, Ro. We are a little behind on season 3 but it's picking up steam fast.

    Zombies, hmmm. Not so much. The show I'm addicted to right now is NASHVILLE. I love Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights, love the music, and the soap opera lines...

  10. Someone gave me the dvd of the first season of TWD and I got hooked on DA during the marathon that PBS ran last year so I guess I'm about instant gratification.

    Would anyone else like to see Gwen (the housemaid turned secretary) come back? She'd be a good match for Tom.
    Lady Sybil was the only nice one and Mary isn't evil enough to be deliciously evil. As for Alfred..he's no William. But like Hallie, I generally like the downstairs crew more than the upstairs.
    BTW just read a NYT piece about the invention of zippers. No wonder they all needed ladies maids! So many buttons!!

  11. I also like Daisy--I feel that she is real. And Isobel, Matthew's mother has grown on me. She has refused to be subdued by her more aristocratic relatives. And I'm coming to like Edith more, and Cora.
    Don't like Robert, Mary is beginning to annoy me, as are Anna and Bates. And if you want to dish on tonight's episode I always have a Dishing on Downton on my solo blog

  12. Walking Dead fav is the pizza man and his doc daughter squeeze.

    Downton fav is Tom the rebel and Thomas the footman.

    Thanks for being dichotomous!

  13. I think my fave is not Thomas, the scheming footman. Just when you really hate him, he shows these little flashes of vulnerability. But I'm getting a bit bleah about the whole Downton thing. Missed last Sunday for the Superbowl, even though I'm not a football fan, and will miss tonight for the Grammy's, which I love. DA is recorded, so will try to catch up.

    I watched the first season of The Walking Dead and was just...not thrilled. I can do werewolves and vampires, but zombies are just gross. Call me a wimp.

  14. I meant to say my fave IS Thomas. Can't type!

  15. I don't do the zombie thing - but I am a new DA fan (just starting season 2). I like Bates a lot...but if I can't go with Maggie Smith, I think I have to say Lord Grantham (at least for right now).

  16. I love Thomas. He's interesting and his snide comments always make me laugh.