Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Housekeeping

 No, you don't need mops and brooms...

Jungle Red readers, it's a new month and the start of a very exciting spring reading season. We want to keep you in the loop and make sure you know what's coming up. Here's the dope:
Coming February 5, Rhys Bowen's e-story The Face in the Mirror

Also the first Molly Murphy book, MURPHY'S LAW, reissued as a trade paperback.



On February 19: THE SOUND OF BROKEN GLASS, by Deborah Crombie


On March 5, THE FAMILY WAY by Rhys Bowen 

Also the trade paperback edition of HUSH NOW, DON'T YOU CRY

On April 2, THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN by Hallie Ephron

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On May 7, TOPPED CHEF by Lucy Burdette


And coming this summer:

On July 2, THE OTHER WOMAN in paperback! by Hank Phillippi Ryan 

On August 6, HEIRS AND GRACES, A Royal Spyness mystery, by Rhys Bowen

In September, THE WRONG GIRL by Hank Phillippi Ryan 

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  1. Thanks so much for the release dates for these much-anticipated books . . . most of them were already marked in my daily planner, but now I have a few more to add! Happy reading days . . . .

  2. What a great month or two coming up! Can't wait. Debs already knows that I'm on a crazy marathon to read all her books (in order) that I haven't read yet so I'm ready for The Sound of Broken Glass (I'm home healing from my knee replacement and reading a book a day - might just make it).

    I'm sure I have long ago already Liked all of you pages, but will go back and check. And would love the return favor!

  3. Thanks Joan for being such a good friend!

    Edith, I know it's not an easy surgery but hope the recovery is going well! A book a day sounds like heaven...

  4. We like you! We really like you!

    Wow, the JRW have been busy. Thanks for the list. It's always a good day when a new JR book comes out.

  5. Wow, we sure do have some great reads coming up this year. Can't wait.

    Edith, I hope that your healing continues to go well. My Mom had knee surgery last year on both knees and she is like a new person now. So good luck. And enjoy the one-book-a-day schedule. Sounds like heaven to me.

    And I want to make a special note of how much I love the cover of Rhys' new book _The Family Way_. Just beautiful.

    No Facebook page for my blog yet, but that will be coming soon.

  6. Hallie, we're going to share a book-birthday! My second, BRAKING POINTS will also be out April 2. I'll think of you from this coast, and will suggest everyone pick up your wonderful book at the same time as mine.

    I've made sure I liked you all, and if you feel like sharing the love, I'm at

    Congratulations, all!

  7. Congrats Tammy--that's a great day for readers then....

  8. Tammy! Congratulations! I'll be looking for Braking Points. Happy launch!!

  9. Looks like a great month for reading JRW!

  10. We LIKE you all, too!!!!

    I forgot to mention the trade paperback on No Mark Upon Her is out February 5th.

    Can't wait to read everyone's books. We have all been busy bees and I think we deserve RED stars!

  11. Ooh, Deb, red stars. That's what you all need to give out at your next panel. :-)

  12. I wish FB had a "Love" button! Congratulations on all the new and upcoming releases!

  13. Thank you for the list. I knew some of the dates but not all of them.

    Rhys and I--as Sofie Kelly--share the Feb 5th release date. And it's my birthday as well. I'll be 29 and a number of months. I'm not telling what the number of months is, though.

  14. Oh, dear! So many books to add to the list! (The only items on my Bucket List are the books I want to read:-)

    Thanks for letting us know what we can look forward to this year!

  15. Darlene, I recently began reading the Cat books. I hope to make my way through all of them. They're on my list!

    And Happy Birthday/Launch day in advance!

    All you other backbloggers with books coming out must keep us all up to date. There's always room for more books on the list. I don't NEED to spend time cleaning the house or grocery shopping, etc.

  16. Really looking forward to Rhys's new releases. She's how I discovered Jungle Red.

    I'm nearly finished with my first other JR author--Deb Crombie's In a Dark House. Really enjoying it! I'd have finished it by now (just have a few pages left to read), but the kids needed tending to, and now I'm eating lunch. Nothing like having to put a good book down right at the best part!

    Next up is Obsessed by Hallie.

    My plan is to start reading all of the JR authors' stuff. That should keep me busy for awhile--as if two children under the age of 4 wasn't already keeping me busy!! lol

  17. Roberta/Lucy and I share a pub day, too. My 2nd Skeet Bannion novel, EVERY BROKEN TRUST, will launch on May 7, also. With a dynamite blurb from the oh-so-wnderful Red Debs!

    I've liked all your pages, and I believe you've all friended me, but if not, I can be found at
    and on Twitter at

    So excited about all the upcoming books. More great things to read! Yay!

    Edith, I hope your recovery from knee surgery goes splendidly and you're soon back on your always-active feet.

  18. Oh you are busy Kimberly! thanks for including us in your busy days...


  19. I can't wait for these releases! Yay!!!!! I've already read and squealed about Hallie's - it is WONDERFUL!

    I have my very first novel coming out this month. Whimsey: A Novel.


    And I'll talk about it right here on Sunday. Drop by, please!

  20. I'm so happy to have these dates--I'm looking forward to a glorious spring of reading wonderful new books (when I've achieved my word count goals, of course!).

    Edith, you have such good spirits during recovery! Hang in there, and enjoy the reading time.

    What a great idea on sharing likes! Thanks.

  21. oops. here's where you can keep up with the news about Whimsey - if you so wish.

  22. Wow, thanks everyone for your kind thoughts about my recovery. I feel like I half hijacked this thread! They tell me I'm coming along nicely. Still hurts like hell, though, and I have no mental clarity for writing (or so I tell myself. Or maybe it's the Oxycodone telling me..). Monday I'll start up again, for sure.

    Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

  23. Edith, it's the Oxycodone. I had it after leg surgery. I spent two weeks watching All My Children and talking about the deep, hidden meaning in the episodes--to my neighbor's cat. I kid you not. In my defense, Darnell Williams was just as cute then as he was when I used to watch the soap with my friends in university.

  24. The upcoming books look very good. And maybe I am just slow but
    congratulations to Hank for the Mary Higgins Clark award for The Other Woman. And I must like you - I am here every day.

  25. Kimberly! Thank you! ANd this is the nicest thing to read...I do love hearing all the news.. xoo