Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grazie, merci, arigato...woof

So what are you thankful for?

RO: I've got a lot to be thankful for this year. My first book finally came out (yay!)People actually bought it and some were kind enough to say that they liked it. I lost the three pounds I'd gained at the beginning of my book tour. My husband, my dog and my colorist are all happy, healthy and not going anywhere for a while (unlike my trainer, who, gasp, has decided he wants to have a life and not devote himself to lowering my bodyfat percentage.)
My wonderful husband has agreed to go on three, count 'em, booksigning trips with me (two with the dog) next year, where we'll be staying in glam places like this hotel room in Dedham, MA.

People have stopped saying that I look like that woman from Alaska. And more importantly, that woman from Alaska isn't moving any time soon. At least not to Washington.
I don't have many family members left (insert violins here)so the friends that I've made in my short time in this business have been very important to me. Even though many of them are "show" friends and we're not likely to see each other outside of Baltimore, Birmingham or Oakmont. So I'm thankful to all of them for helping me figure out what to do! (End of sappy bit.)

Jan: Since I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 16, at the moment, I'm really happy for online recipes.
But like Ro, I've lost a lot of family members, and my daughter (now healthy) was seriously ill a few years back. I know that sh*t happens and it happens fast. So what I'm truly grateful for at this particular moment in time, is that everyone I love is healthy and thriving.
And at the risk of being a super-smarm, I have to add, that I'm grateful for you guys, and Jungle Red. I think its a terrific blog!

HALLIE: Honest to goodness, these days I am grateful for every moment and every person in my life. Blog sisters, real sisters, friends, and that amazing, vast community of writers and readers. My beautiful daughters who make me laugh so hard I wet my pants. My husband who eats whatever I cook for him and likes it. Really. My cozy house where I write. The upcoming excitement of my new book. Right now there's aged port in my half-full glass, and I'm trying to sip it as slowly as I can.

ROBERTA: My husband, who is absolutely there for me through thick and thin, and very, very funny besides. My family--and his. Friends and neighbors. My sweet dog, Tonka, and the cat next next door. The adventure that my life has become over the past ten years: I would never have believed the horde of good friends I'd make while working harder than ever. And yes, the chance to see eight books make it into print--what a ride!

HANK: Well, how can I write this without crying? Jumping happily onto the sappy wagon, at this brief moment, everything seems beautiful. My little darling books are out and loved. The fourth one sits 3000 words from completion. As a result,I know and adore dozens, hundreds of people I never would have met without them. (There is no frigate like a book, isn't that what we memorized before we knew how true it was?)
Actual quote from Jonathan last week: "Why don't I just take over making dinner until Drive Time is done?"
Actual quote from step-son Paul last week: "Your grandson Eli is going to have a baby brother."
The last of the leaves falling means spring is around the corner..and makes me want to hold on to every last red maple and bare branch at the same time I embrace the changes to come.
RO: That is so Hank! "the last of the leaves falling means spring is around the corner.."
Hank: I have a comic on my refrigerator that has two guys on a raft.One of them, is saying: "You mean there a whole universe out there, and we're in the middle of it, and we have no idea what's going to happen next?"
And the other guy, bleak, says Yeah, I'm afraid that's right.
And the first guys says: "Cool!"
Happy Thanksgiving, you Jungle Reds.
JRGang: So what are you thankful for?
PS: Stop back on Wednesday for a JR chat with Chris Grabenstein (Tilt a Whirl, The Crossroads, HellHole)


  1. I'm thankful for my three books that came out this year (don't expect to top that any time soon), but much more thankful for the wonderful community of writers--and now friends--that I have found in this journey. What a terrific group of people!

  2. I'm thankful for having my health; two handsome, honest, productive sons who can cook; and a handsome life partner who can fix ANYTHING and do the NYT crossword. And oddly enough, I'm thankful that losing my job last month has prompted me to spend most of every day, finally, writing mystery fiction again in my second-floor windowed office. I hope to be gainfully employed again soon, of course - if you hear of a technical writing job in the greater Boston area, please let me know! But in the meantime, a story (or rather, a book) is pouring onto the pages. Feels great.


  3. Sheila,
    Congratulations on three books in one year. I'm in awe of that knd of productivy!!!

    And Edith,
    It's sounds like the universe gave you a push in the right direction!

    And what is it about this mystery genre that attracts the nicest people? If you think about it long enough (we all spend our days plotting murder) it doesn't make sense.

  4. Jan's right.... I know it sounds Pollyanna-ish but I don't care.

    Hank, Jane Cleland and I were at a library event this week - on a stage, and laughing like teenagers. It was a blast. Maybe when you're uber-famous you don't get to do I'm loving being in the pack. (Not that there's any danger of me getting uber-famous anytime soon!)

  5. I'm grateful for the right antibiotic at last, and two doctors who recognized just what's been wrong for the past 10 months.

    It's good to feel good again!

    And it's good to be six weeks from a manuscript deadline and done, despite all the medical epizoodix that threatened to set it back. Woot!

    And this is the year the search team had three live finds in a row. So often we're called out to search for those long-believed deceased. Three live finds -- an elderly person, a strayed young woman,and a missing child -- is just a tremendous joy.

    Good agent, good editor, good friends, good dogs. There is much to be grateful for, and I am.

    And cheers to you here, putting words to text and opening doors for us all.

  6. Good grief...three live finds. I can't even imagine what that must feel like and what it must be like for the families.

  7. Pssst. Don't tell anyone. Yet.

    Jungle Red has a secret.

    And we'll share it with you soon.

    Watch this space....