Thursday, November 13, 2008

The REAL Karen Olson


Okay, so here's the "lie."
I have never danced with George Michael.

Although I have been to London.But my sister is the one did the dancing, and it was back in his WHAMdays.

As for the "truths," I dated a guy whose brother was a Hell's Angel, which is how I ended up at the pig roast, and it was the same guy who was theUPS delivery guy.
And another boyfriend, a few years later, whom I was moving out on after two years, took my cat and locked her in the bathroom and wouldn't let her out unless I gave him half the rent for a month Iwasn't even going to live there. I paid him. And got my cat back.

She was no worse for the wear and probably didn't realize she was being held for ransom.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I missed your interview yesterday (I try to limit my blog hopping to just a couple days a week) so when I started reading this morning's blog I thought, "what?" I figured it out and went back to read yesterdays blog.

    What? A mystery author who is willing to admit to not liking Christie or Chandler? I chuckled at that because as the DorothyLers have been reading and discussing vintage mysteries, several people, including myself, have confessed to similar feelings about some of the standard bearers of the genre.

    I didn't realize Shot Girl was out yet-I was thinking early December. Obviously I need to make another bookstore run.
    Caryn in St. Louis

  2. Hi Caryn,
    Welcome to Jungle Red. I'm with Karen on Agatha Christie. I really try to like her, but just can't get into it. I hate when the "Agatha" question comes up at libraries. I always feel like a traitor of some sort.

  3. Hi Caryn, I don't like Christie, and it's just The Maltese Falcon. I like Hammet's Thin Man series. Chandler? I've never read him. There. It's out.

  4. Oh, ho Karen--but were you there when your sister danced? I mean, if you were in the room and she was dancing with him, and you were also dancing, then you kind of...

    Hey Caryn--welcome! Were you at Bouchercon?

  5. And Agatha Christie.

    And that's what makes the world go round.

    Isn't it?

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  7. Hi Hank,
    Yes, I was at Bouchercon and I have the Face Time lip balm in two of my jacket pockets to prove it!

    And Jan? I'm not totally new here, I just don't do the blogs too often or I get so involved I don't get anything else accomplished!

  8. So Caryn: I think there's a photo of you on my new blog. I'm not really making a big deal of it yet, still just practicing...but--is this you??