Sunday, November 16, 2008

Straight from the Crime Bake

Four out of five Jungle Red Writers spent this past weekend at the New England Crime Bake in Dedham, MA. It was a smashing success! Consider penciling it in for next year, same weekend--great writers, great friends, agents and editors, and featuring guest of honor Sue!

Meanwhile, here are some snapshots to enjoy. Above was the first panel of the day, including funny guys and gals Vinnie O'Neil, Steve Anable, Hank Ryan, Harlan Coben, and Kate Flora. To the right are Peter Abrahams, Katherine Hall Page, and Linda Barnes, 3 of the 4 members of the Hall of Famers, which Roberta Isleib had the pleasure of moderating. And seen at the cocktail party, Sheila Connolly, Susan Conant, and her daughter, Jessica Conant-Park.

And here are Roberta and Hallie, posing for a moment in the hallway:

Actually, the place was crawling with authors! Here are Alex Carr, Toni Kelner, and Lynne Heitman. Hank did a marvelous job of organizing the entertainment at the banquet, a hilarious panel of authors and publishing dignitaries telling big lies. Agent Janet Reid and Bleak House editor Ben LeRoy were among the rowdiest...
Next year, come to Crime Bake!


  1. Oh, such great memories. Rosemary revealed some big secrets during "The Big Lie" panel...there was information about bagels and gladiators that everyone was still buzzing about the next day.

    Hallie eating all the roast chicken skin, did Ben Le Roy really have a facial and was Oprah really on the phone for Janet Reid?? And what did Harlan Coben do in the back seat with Miss New Jersey? had to be there. Including to find out whether I really fixed the voting for the Pike High School prom queen.

    Roberta! What a terrific photographer you are! Thank for the memorable photos...

  2. That's it...I'll have to go to next year's show in disguise. And I've already warned Bruce that he can't come because he might be mobbed.
    This was my third Crimebake and they'e gotten more and more fun each year. I organized the volunteers this weekend and some of them were so great, they organized me! Thanks to everyone who helped out and even to the extra hands who wanted to help but weren't needed.
    Congrats to the Al Blanchard winner and honorable mentions including my pal Catharine Maiorisi who won so many things that I really hope she stopped at Mohegan Sun on the way home!

  3. Oh, I so wanted to be there! Between a trip to Florida in June, Hallie and Roberta's wonderful retreat in Sept., and Bouchercon in October, I simply couldn't afford it. I'll start saving pennies now for next year!

    Paula Matter

  4. CrimeBake is one of my fondest memories from a few years back, and it sounds like this one was a smashing success ... again!

    Well done all and glad you had a good time!

  5. I had a wonderful time at my first Crime Bake. Meeting Rosemary Harris was a highlight for me. She was so warm and friendly. (Thanks for the beautiful gardening gloves, Rosemary) I'm looking forwar to The Big Dirt Nap. Oh, and I'll never be able to hear "Gladiator" without thinking of her.

    I had a wonderful time and plan on going again next year.

  6. Did you know that Ben was involved in a nasty affair with a 36 year old married mother of two in Tennessee? That's right, during all those frequent trips down south, he would shack up with her in a hotel room, while her husband was watching the kids. Seems like Ben has a taste for southern moms and adventure!