Friday, November 14, 2008

What I've Learned


JAN: I've had a terrific week, working with an old friend and a terrific cast of actors to put together a video trailer for my new novel, Teaser. It was an all consuming, exhausting project that left me elated. Now, in the afterglow, I sit in the hot tub at my brother's house in Annapolis and reflect on what I've learned this week.

I could bore you with the many lessons gleaned from from the fascinating new skills I've attempted: scene scouting, casting, propmastering, and assistant directing. I could go on and on with practical tips and philosophical insights.

Instead, I'm going to limit myself to the really, really, important stuff.

This from Vera, the professional make-up artist.

1. Use an eyelash crimper instead of a curler because no one's eyes are really the shape of an eyelash curler.

2. Buy the roll of cotton in the First Aid aisle to remove makeup. Pull off cotton balls from the roll. It's purer cotton and it's cheaper than premade cotton balls.

3. Avoid using tissue or toilet paper to remove makeup because its made of wood pulp. Eeeww. Harsh.

4. The deal with using pure mineral powder for powder is this: the cheap versions are cut with talc and talc is what clogs pores and creates irritation.

5. Unscented Lubriderm makes the best eye makeup remover


  1. Hey Jan, those are great tips, but the best is right in front of you: spend more time in the hot tub! That is one spectacular view. And can't wait to see the trailer...

  2. Thanks Roberta,
    It's so beautiful here on the Severn River. I'm here to take care of my sister-in-law post op, but she's such a good patient and the view from pretty much EVERY ROOM is so beautiful, it feels like a vacation!

  3. I'm forwarding the tips to my daughter! She's a maven of all things make-up and fashion and will certainly enjoy these. I'm making my own notes, too! I actually do curl my eyelashes, but I'm going to have to try the crimper thingie. I've found that a bit of eye liner, concealer and tons of mascara on curled eyelashes look the best on the over 50 eye.

  4. Hi Peg,
    I'm with you -- especially on the concealer. I've started to think of makeup the same way I think of medication. I need another dose every FOUR hours!

  5. Every four hours, huh? That would be withdrawal for me...

    Have you heard about the oscillating mascara?