Sunday, July 28, 2013

Breaking News!

HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN:  Coming to you from the fabulous Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie Indiana! Gave the keynote's the audience..and still floating from the wonderful response. If you ever get a chance to go--it's wonderful.

Okay, Reds, time to check  in! What are you up to this coming week?

I've got a great story on TV Monday night--about rats (Wait til you see the pictures!) in a certain apartment building. Guess who the landlord is?

My smiling face is on the cover of the new RT BookReviews Magazine, how cool is that? And The Wrong Girl got 4 1/2 stars--the same rating as Sue Grafton and Lee Child. :-)

Only a short time til THE WRONG GIRL comes out in hardcover--Sept. 10--very exciting!

And THE OTHER WOMAN is out in paperback! If you haven't entered my contest to win a Nook, Kindle or $$ to a bookstore of your choice, here's the link!

And starting Friday, I'll be hanging out with Ro, Brad Parks, Jane Cleland, and a host of others--as Guest of Honor at the Deadly Ink conference! It's my first DI, and I'm very excited.

Reds and friends of Reds, what's up with you for the next week?

LUCY BURDETTE: My gosh Hank, I get dizzy just reading about what you're up to! I'm waiting for edits on MURDER WITH GANACHE (coming in February)--which should arrive in my inbox on Monday. It's been nice to have a break from the story--I had one good, new idea, but not sure I'll have time to work it into the manuscript. But meanwhile, it's available for pre-order. I have to say, the cover is adorable! 

RHYS BOWEN: I'm also breathless just thinking about your schedule, Hank. A different city every weekend, all those flights and airport security... eeek.
I'll be catching my breath after the Book Passage Mystery conference, enjoying time with my family visiting from Phoenix. We plan a hike to Arch Rock in Point Reyes. it's 9 and a half miles so I'm hoping I'm up to it. Also Exploratorium with kids, ballet tomorrow and lots of high energy in the house. Oh, and I do have a deadline and a Jungle Red blog so I'll need to squeeze in some work. 

And I've just remembered a launch of Heirs and Graces the week after. How could I forget that?

DEBORAH CROMBIE: Indeed, Rhys, how could you forget that!!! We haven't!

I am writing. Or should that be #IamWriting... Trying to settle into a good routine after lots of stuff going on this summer; work on the house, a wonderful visit from my brother, my daughter's engagement and the craziness of wedding planning. 

The Sound of Broken Glass came out this month in Germany and is doing very well, I think.

As for upcoming events, I'll be at the Hardesty Library in Tulsa on September 6th, then Bouchercon in Albany, NY, from September 18th-22nd.  And the weekend after that, MY DAUGHTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!  

Then it's back to work for me on the newest (#16) Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James book, To Dwell in Darkness. It's due to my publisher in November and should be out sometime in 2014.

HALLIE EPHRON: I'm writing writing writing. Working title: Night night, sleep tight. Set in Beverly Hills in 1965 and 1985. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

And busy with events. On August 5 I'm on Nantucket teaching a crash course on mystery writing in the morning and giving a book talk in the evening at the Atheneum. The the Duxbury Library on August 8, and really looking forward to speaking at the Green Brook Country Club Book Club Luncheon in North Caldwell, NJ on August 21. Lots more to follow.

HANK: Pals I met at MWW13 also have books coming out very soon--the incredibly talented John Gilstrap's new thriller HIGH TREASON is out August 1..Suspense Magazine says  "This is the fifth book in the Jonathan Grave series and very possibly the best." (The First Lady is kidnapped. There's the definition of a terrific hook for you!) 

And the fascinating DE Johnson's evocative and original mystery DETROIT SHUFFLE-- set in corrupt Detroit in 1910 during the battle over women's suffrage--is out September 3--"Johnson’s immaculate plotting and high-tension writing make for a spellbinding read!"  (He is a wonderful writer!)

And don't forget our Rosemary's THE B*TCHES OF BROOKLYN is now available as an ebook!

HANK: So Reds, what's up with you? Check in, please!


  1. Wow . . . I’m pretty much overwhelmed just reading about everybody’s busy weeks ahead! So much exciting news [and a great RT Book Reviews cover, Hank!].
    As for me, well . . . I’m excited to say that I’ll also be going to the Deadly Ink conference . . . .

  2. Wow, you leave us all breathless! I am (I mean, Tace Baker is) finishing the second Lauren Rousseau book (so happy to have time to do that, at last). I'm also plotting the third Local Foods mystery and trying to heal my back that went suddenly OUCH-OUT after driving home last weekend from a lovely visit to my sister in Ottawa. I'll be signing Speaking of Murder with a bunch of New England Quakers next week. Then I head to the big organic farming conference in Amherst and from there to be Nikki Bonanni's guest for a bunch of events in Ithaka, NY, including her Barnes and Noble book club! And I'm excited to be going to Bouchercon for the first time in September. I guess I have quite a schedule, too. ;^) All good.

  3. Joan, that's so fabulous! Looking forward to seeing you..

    Edith, DO have some terrific platforms..

  4. Can't wait to see you at DEADLYINK!! (You too RO!)
    It is going to be great! Let everyone know that there are daily conference rates so if anyone wants to just come for the day, registration is available every morning!
    Lots of cool new presentations including the Jungle Red Duo...RO--do you have some good interview questions? Are we going to learn some secrets Hank?

  5. It all sounds great. It's been sooo long since I've been to any conference. The last one was Midwest in Muncie a few years back. I miss them. Not much planned this week. Same old, same old. Except it's supposed to be chilly. In July. It was 51last night. In Indiana. And did I mention it is July??!! :) I've been trying to get back to my writing but my brain has been on lock down since my mom died. At least, I've gotten to a point where flickers of ideas are coming again. Maybe this week it will happen.

  6. Wishing I was there Hank. It's a busy week for me too besides my day job. I'm just about to find out "who done it" on The Wrong Girl and I'll know later today. Then I'll be wracking my brain trying to come up with fabulous questions to ask this amazing interviewer so that mine don't sound like they came from first graders. :) I've got some great interviews this week on my blog plus a giveaway or two to boot.
    BWY Hank pssst a 4.5 was not a good enough rating in my humble opinion

  7. I love to see everyone's comings and goings! I wish I could be at Deadly Ink, but alas no.

    For me this wee: Tomorrow I am meeting with a graphic artist to create some original images for my website. Friday I'm attending an opening pARTy at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, DE, where some of my writing will be enlarged and put on display alongside paintings, sculptures, etc. as part of the Award Winners XIII exhibition. Saturday is the monthly Writers' Breakfast at Panera's. Sunday I begin teaching an online workshop. Mostly, this week I am celebrating the notice I received Friday--I've been granted another two week residency at the Va. Center for the Creative Arts, in December. Yay!

    Oh, and writing. And work. Good thing I get up early in the morning.

  8. It is my plan to jump out of Jack Getze's briefcase on Saturday and meet Hank as she moderates TFA's Deadly Ink panel. Let's hope he leaves the latch undone.

  9. Yikes, Austin...I'm glad you warned me!

    Ramona, send photos, okay>? That's so exciting! And congratulations!

  10. YOu, go, Reine!

    Nikki, I'm terrified...who knows what Ro will ask! That's part of the fun, I guess...for YOU at least. :-)

  11. Ann--thinking of;ll happen.

    And Deb, well, huh. xoxoxo Thank you! And cannot wait to chat!

  12. You can see what I'm up to by checking out SIBA's (Southern Independent Bookseller's Alliance) new "Parapalooza."

    Writers reading a paragraph from their own work, along with a paragraph from one of their favorite author's work. I read a paragraph from WHIMSEY and a paragraph from Pat Conroy's BEACH MUSIC. (One of my favorite passages ever written).

    The program was conceived by the brilliant Wanda Jewell and facilitated by the equally brilliant Nicki Leone.

  13. Hank - you will get to enjoy some fun from the audience when Donald Bain and Renee' Paley Bain interview EACH OTHER!
    Many people have heard them on panels talking about how they collaborate, but this will be a new look behind the scenes of Murder She Wrote!

  14. What's the definition of boundless energy? Hank Phillippi Ryan. I am always amazed. On Aug. 3 at 1:00 pm I'll be at the Oceanside Barnes & Noble participating in a Local Author signing with 6 other authors. This ought to be fun. Anyone wanting news about the event can find it at

  15. Well, I've been without internet for 48 hours. In fact I had to travel across state lines just to post this comment. I tried to relax and enjoy being unconnected (disconnected?) but there was a fair amount of screaming and a few tears.

    So I worked in the garden all day yesterday. Finished Donna Leon's Acqua Alta. Started Hiassen's Bad Monkey. Watched Talented Mr. Ripley. And then got to work on my Deadly Ink stuff.....if anyone has any dirt on Hank - please send to me! Sigh, so far I haven't found a speck. How funny can you be about someone everyone loves??

  16. I'm with Reine and Debs: #amwriting.

    But I'm also trying to shed some of the too-numerous activities I've signed myself up for--you'd think at 40+ years of age I'd know better than to over-commit myself, right? *sigh* Not so much. So I have to pare things down in order to write (and keep up with that pesky day job).

    #amwriting, #amwriting, #amwritingdammit!

  17. I'm counting the days until Bouchercon! It is my first one, and I'm so excited about meeting so many of my favorite mystery authors. I'm busily engaged with reading the Jungle Red Writers' books for the convention. I have discovered new, wonderful series that I'm looking forward to gushing over with you all. If you have any tips for first time Bouchercon attendees, I would appreciate them. Also, if there is anything that the Jungle Red Writers group is doing there that I can attend, I'd also appreciate that information.

  18. I am selfishly glad that you all are working so hard. More books for us! Thank you, all, so very much.

    I hope you're also taking time to enjoy some down time this summer.

    Albany isn't too far a drive. Maybe I should make the trip.

    Thank you, again. I have my calendar marked for a lot of release dates.

  19. Met Hank this weekend at MWW 13 and had a chance to talk to her. Great advice and funny stories as well. Her keynote speech was fantastic and right on the money for most of us. One of the attendees in front of me (you can barely see me in the picture BTW but I'm there) kept nodding his head as she made her points. Thanks so much Hank for the time we spent together and have fun at Deadly Ink! (Where is that exactly?)

  20. Well, I'll put this out there in the hopes that having mentioned it, I'll stick with it: I used to write nearly every day but fell out of the habit. My excuses are flimsy, so I won't even go into them. I want to get back to writing regularly, not just a few minutes a couple of times a week, and am hoping that a little bit of everyone's energy will rub off on me! What especially gave me a lot of pleasure was writing stories for a young niece, about her stuffed animals. She'll be a senior in HS in Sept but still asks for a story now and then! (Her animals have bizarre adventures. She sends one or two animals at a time to stay with me and I fill her in on what they're up to. Some of them write to her.) I don't care if she's the only audience I ever have, although it would be nice if she shares them with her children someday; I just know I need to do it again. A couple of years ago I took an enjoyable Adult Ed writing class, and intended to continue...but the instructor left the area at the end of the semester! I've started some other projects that I need to DO something with! I need to look for another class BUT must begin writing regularly NOW. (One of my excuses is that I have so much fun reading that it doesn't leave me time to write!)

  21. I am excited about a plot piece I will work on this week -- house guests, haircut, and off to Maine on Thursday for a wedding. Summer really is bountiful.

  22. Just got off the plane..and finally home. After a terrific event!

    Thank you, dear Maryann--! I mean cats mom! Great to see you too--and happy that people liked the keynote. I love envisioning the guy nodding! Thank you for that.

    Come on, DebRo--we're behind you!

    RO--DIRT? DIRT? NOw I'm even more terrified.. xoo

  23. Readmore--that's in the works right now..we'd LOVE to see you! And you, too, Marianne in MAine!

    running off to unpack..back soon! xo

  24. Oh—left out the other thing I'm doing this weekend . Reading the Bitches of Brooklyn by the fabulous Rosemary! Love it!

  25. Oh, Hank— that gorgeous cover pic you on RT! Woah.

  26. Well, of COURSE, Reine! We're all reading it, right??

    And thank you..yeah, my sentiments exactly. xoxoo

  27. OH, the winner of Lind Fairstein's DEATH ANGEL is DEBBIE HAUPT! Yay!!

    Debbie, send your address to me at h ryan at whdh dot com


  28. Goshen Open Farm Tour 2013

    This is what I am doing ... anyone want to join me? Great people, beautiful farms ...

  29. We just turned in #41 in the Murder, She Wrote series, "Aloha Betrayed."
    Don is reading "The Other Woman" by Hank and I'm reading "Bitches of Brooklyn" by Rosemary. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend at Deadly Ink.