Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good news, fabulous awards, and TWO irresistible contests!

Deborah Crombie: Lots of news this week! Yesterday, you heard about my daughter’s engagement, and Rhys’s son… (not to each other!) and thank you for all your advice. More Jungle Red news this week, the paperback of Red Hank’s much-lauded (Mary Higgins Clark winner! Anthony, Agatha, Daphne and Shamus nominee!) THE OTHER WOMAN is out!

 Hank: Thank you Debs! Yes, and you know one of the Red’s credos is “celebrate everything.” This is such a big one for me…I am so thrilled I am brazenly telling everyone about it. (Funny about paperbacks…you get to make changes from the hardcover if you want...I made ONE. But I’m not telling what it is. If you discover it, Reds, okay then, you’ll get a prize. But really—it’s no biggie.) 

Debs: Speaking of prizes… 

 Hank: Well, yeah. To celebrate summer reading, I couldn’t resist coming up with some irresistible (!) contests not only for the arrival of THE OTHER WOMAN in paperback, but the brand new THE WRONG GIRL, which is coming out in hardcover this fall! So here’s the scoop…and then see below for one more contest—just for you, Reds readers!

Did we mention:n
THE OTHER WOMAN—now in paperback
Good news, fabulous awards, and TWO irresistible contests!

The Other Woman
The paperback version of THE OTHER WOMAN is here! But wait, there's more—it includes the first three chapters of THE WRONG GIRL. (Tess Gerritsen says: "Riveting!" And Linwood Barclay says: THE WRONG GIRL has all the right stuff!") Keep reading for the irresistible contests!
Yes, this is the iconic Mary Higgins Clark—she presented THE OTHER WOMAN and me with the incredibly prestigious MHC award during Edgar Week.
Hank and Mary Higgins Clark
THE OTHER WOMAN is also an Anthony, Agatha, Shamus and Daphne nominee—the only book to be nominated for all four.

IRRESISTIBLE CONTEST NUMBER ONE! Just send me proof you bought THE OTHER WOMAN in paperback...and you'll be entered to win your choice of a Kindle Paperwhite, a Nook Simpletouch, or a $100 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice! (Oh, okay, three winners!) And hey, if you already have the hard cover of THE OTHER WOMAN, you could use your paperback for the beach or vacation or a gift for a friend.
Indiebound Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million

Hope to see you this summer and fall—watch for Facebook and Twitter invitations to meet me and THE OTHER WOMAN and THE WRONG GIRL at a bookstore or library near you.

Check the entire schedule here.

And mark your calendars—save the date September 10! That's when THE WRONG GIRL goes public at Brookline Booksmith! Come celebrate with delicious treats and special loot. Hope to see you there.

The Wrong Girl

Here's a fun video from BookBliss taped at BEA—with all the scoop on THE WRONG GIRL.

Hank is interviewed at BEA

Can you pre-order THE WRONG GIRL right now? Well, of course! And proof of pre-order (print book or Macmillan audiobook version) enters you in a very special drawing—to have a character named after you in the next Jane Ryland adventure! (Told you it was irresistible!) It's a fun (and legal) way to put yourself in the middle of a murder mystery.

Indiebound Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million

Debs: Thanks, Hank.   Sounds terrific...and we wish you all the best.

Hank: Aw. Thank you. 

Debs:  So you said: one more contest?

Hank: Yes, indeed! One lucky Reds commenter will win an ARC of THE WRONG GIRL!  So let’s see--tell us:  are you taking any wonderful vacations his summer? Or happily staying home? 

And thank you again, dear Reds, for everything…


  1. Congratulations, Hank, on the well-deserved nominations for all the awards, on the paperback book release, on the September release for “The Wrong Girl” . . . I really enjoyed “The Other Woman” and I’m looking forward to reading “The Wrong Girl” . . . [And I like the change you made for the paperback cover of “The Other Woman”] . . . .

    As far as summer vacations go . . . we have no vacation plans, but staying home does have a certain appeal --- I can read to my heart’s content . . . .

  2. Congratulations, Hank! You are on quite the roll.

    Two trips this summer: a week out west, visiting my daughter in Boulder, and my friend's ranch in Wyoming. Horseback riding and lots of great food o that trip. Then a week in northern Michigan to visit another daughter. My husband is going there, too.

    But the big trip this year will be later on, to Tanzania for a photo safari. I get to tag along, and I'm very excited. Aren't I lucky? No need to enter me in a contest!63

  3. I'm sitting on an airplane, getting ready to leave Ft. Lauderdale..but I don't need Jet Blue to fly--so happy today with my lovely paperback!

    Thank you, all!

    Joan, staycations can be lovely! No packing, and everything you need is right there. And Karen, wow..you'll have to do a safari blog for us!

    Back in Boston on a few hours..more to come!

  4. Congrats Hank. The Other Woman was one of the best reads of last year and I know that it will continue to find new readers now that the paperback is out.

  5. Congratulations on the honors, Hank! I have not yet read The Other Woman but I have decided to move it to the top of the TBR list. It looks excellent!

    As to vacation plans, after a little soul (and budget) searching we decided this was probably a year where it was best to keep it simple. But we have a few little things planned.

    One that I'm especially excited about is a camping weekend with our 19-year-old son. His summer job ends August 1, and we are going that first free weekend, at his request. We used to camp a lot when he was little, but for the last few years he was too busy with his own plans. So it touched me that he wanted us to go camping together before he heads back to college.

  6. Hi, Hank, I really look forward to the Wrong Girl and loved your great letter you sent out! So glad you used Gloria Feit's blurb ! My vacation this summer... staying in with all the pages of my rewrite of my next thriller - Smoke Screen - starring ex-Commander Byington Bailey, Zoe Whittle, Director of the CIA, President Jefferson Hunt, Dr. Marina Lehman, and a simply horrible narcissistic psychopathic villain named Rex Ravenel, among other names, and some fun pages on international gems and time pieces, as well as noirey ones! I'd love to win an ARC of The Wrong Girl! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

  7. Congrats on everything, Hank. Like Karen says, you are on some roll. Go go go.

  8. Launch that paperback, girl! As Jack says, you're on some roll. Hugs all around!

  9. Congratulations, Hank! Wow.

    When you live on Cape Cod, you are the summer destination for family and friends. Lots of fun, sometimes "too much."

    I am crossing the bridge a few times -- in a couple of weeks I will meet for the first time five sisters who are the daughters of my cousin, Brad. He left them by his own hand, and I have developed relationships with them on facebook.

    The event is a Long Island engagement party.

    We go to a wedding in Portland, ME in early August.

    Mid-August -- "Book of Mormon in NYC"!

    Labor Day I will be back on Long Island for a brief vacation with our youngest (30 yr. old) daughter.

    Looking forward to a full house for the 4th: three daughters, two sons-in-law, four grandkids, and one dog.

  10. Marianne in MaineJuly 2, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    Congratulations, Hank. What a year you've had! All well deserved.

    I loved THE OTHER WOMAN and I've recommended it to so many people who are involved in politics.

    I have no summer vacation plans. One of the many advantages to living in Maine is that we are already in "Vacationland." And we're retired so we do a lot of spontaneous travel; day trips, B&B overnights, a walk to the back-yard to sit and read. My niece lives on the French-Swiss border and I am sorta thinking about a visit to see her and the family.

  11. Wow, Hank -- when I click on the tour schedules for most authors, there are maybe 6-8 locations listed. Yours is really a TOUR! Congratulations on a terrific year and so much more to come!

    Loved THE OTHER WOMAN! Can't wait for THE WRONG GIRL -- ARC is in the mail, woohoo.

  12. Congratulations, Hank! It was so great to see you out here in California a couple weeks ago (and thanks again for the session on what you wish you'd known).

    My husband swears he's dragging me to Japan with him in the late summer/early fall (he took a solo trip there in the spring after becoming enamored). So that should be spectacular. Otherwise a long family weekend and a couple long race weekends are in my forecast.

    And I'd love an ARC of The Wrong Girl to go with my arc of The Other Woman! Enjoy your tour!

  13. Our vacations this summer/fall are trips for weddings. We'll be in Colorado in August, Wisconsin in September, and S.C. in October. Looks to be fun. Two of these are family weddings so I'll get to see cousins I haven't seen for a while. The other one is for the son of friends & it will be a blast!
    We'll be driving & enjoying the scenery every place we go.

  14. Congratulations on all the wonderful news, Hank! As Jack said, you are on a real roll!

    And Debs and Rhys, congratulations on your kids' engagements! I've been teaching at a big writer's conference since Thursday and am behind on all things internet.

    As far as vacation goes, I guess so. If you can count going to Killer Nashville as a vacation or book tour stops in Iowa and Nebraska or a one-week book tour in Texas in the early fall. OR (big news for us here) helping my youngest son move back to Kansas City from Iowa at the end of July! Then, I will have all three of my kids plus my foster son living in town for the first time in fifteen years. Something to celebrate.

  15. Since I didn't pop in yesterday, I'd like to shout out happy congratulations to Deb and Rhys. Man, I do love a wedding - formal, casual - first or third, they're all beautiful and fill me with a sense of peace, happiness and belief in the future.

    And Hank Phillippi Ryan - you crack me up. Always! and I love that. Just as much as I love every book you've written and I know I'll love the next one (and the one after, and the one after that. . . ) too. Congratulations, my friend, on all the great things - you deserve each and every one. MWAH!

    Vacation. We have two trips I'm excited about. One of which a lot of people would have a hard time understanding (understandably). We're going to Baltimore for a week for a convention. Now, I know Baltimore is still known as a murderous place to live, but I love it. I love a lot of the wonderful old architecture, I love all the unique neighborhoods, I love taking the water taxi to Fell's Point and I love sitting by the harbor just watching out over the water and smelling the sugar cooking from the Domino Sugar plant. Plus I get to visit with friends and family and already have a terrific girl's day planned with cousins.

    And in late summer we're going to one of our favorite spots ever - Topsail Island, NC and I have a book signing event planned there at Quarter Moon Bookshop. a wine and cheese signing- y'all come!

  16. I am all about travel! It's summer and the bug is in my heart and soul to see the world...or at least the USA! Came home from two glorious weeks in Sanibel Island and Monday we are off to the Big Apple to see Cyndi Lauper perform and also, see perhaps the final performance of Cicely Tyson's The Trip to Bountiful! Excited beyond measure.

  17. I'm back! And with raging layrngitis..which I've had for a week now. Making speech-giving pretty funny. Can we do a blog on laryngitis cures?

  18. Oh, poor Hank. Laryngitis is no fun at all. I've had it on book tour, so much sympathy. And I don't know any cure except to not talk:-)

    PS LOVE the cover of THE WRONG GIRL!

  19. Kaye -

    Glad to hear you say some lovely things about Baltimore. Born, raised and still living here, I have to say, it really is a great place.

    Sure, The Wire gives it a bad (though not incorrect) wrap, there is much to love as well.

    I relocated to San Diego for about 6 years, but always knew that I would return to Baltimore.

  20. You're a whirlwind, Hank! I've mentioned this before, but I'm still amazed at how you do it all--tons of public appearances and travel, plus writing and blogging and social media-izing, plus television. That's amazing to me.

    I'm enjoying watching your journey and success. Yay!

    No summer vacations here. I'm saving my moulah toward Bouchercon and other conferences in 2014.

    Looking forward to THE WRONG GIRL! But, it's a bummer. Authors often hit Seattle and California but bypass Portland (Powell's!)...waaah.

  21. Kudos for The Other Woman, I loved Kudos for The Other Woman, all those awards are well deserved. I loved it and I'm looking forward to The Wrong Girl. I will be in Brookline on 09/10 hoping to get a copy and have you sign it.

    We just yesterday made all our reservations to take my 6 year old granddaughter, son, and DIL to Disneyworld next month to celebrate her 7th birthday. It is her first time and we are all very excited.

  22. Deb, you did? What happened? What did you do?? xoo

  23. Doing a staycation here in NH this year, though my soon to be daughter-in-law will be visiting us. very exciting, they have been together for over 10 years and are getting married on Monday the 8th. Congrats on your well deserved award. I too will be in Brookline to get a copy and signature.

  24. Hurray, Diane and Mo! So eager to see you...I am always petrified that no one will show up...

  25. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Deb and Rhys on the wonderful family news!

    Hank, glad that I have the opportunity to win one of three different contests!(Already sent you proof of purchase of The Other Woman in paperback and pre-order of The Wrong Girl!)

    My extended family and I plan a vacation to Chincoteague Island at the end of the summer. We've been doing this on and off for over twenty years. We share a house for the week. Our vacations tend to be "interesting" - one year a brother-in-law had a heart attack but kept saying "it's just my asthma, honey" to my sister (about ten days later he had triple bypass surgery!); we've experienced hurricanes, last year three of us ended up with food poisoning from turkey sandwiches we had on our first day there. We'd arrived too early to get into the house, so we went out for lunch. The guys had beef; they didn't get sick. (I don't know; does this mean I should start eating red meat again?)

    We love the place, though: so many things to do, such as birdwatching, swimming, nature trails, it's a short ride to NASA's weather station, etc. If I could afford it, I'd buy a summer home there.

  26. I have to read your books Hank. They sound great. Currently wallowing happily in lots of mystery books. So this summer...we're going to Ohio for our goddaughter's 15th birthday; she is having a quinceanera party, even tho she and her mom have no real idea how to do it. Should be fun! The very end of August we're embarking on my dream vacation: Scotland! A week of it will see us hiking along the Great Glen Way, from Ft William to Inverness. The bookend days we'll use sightseeing in Glasgow and Edinburgh. So excited! Hopefully my husband will be SO enthralled he will want to go back and see more.

  27. Hank, I was on book tour in Germany. Started the first day with horrid respiratory bug, which got worse and worse, ending with laryngitis. Fortunately, it was a whole dog-and-pony show. I had a German actress to do readings, and a media presenter to introduce us and translate questions from the audiences. By the end of the week they were doing ALL the reading and talking and I was just smiling and signing books:-)

  28. Wow, Debs, that is certainly the good news bad news..so possibly they couldn't have understood much if you HAD talked! What an adventure! I hope it's funny in hindsight--I'm waitng for that to happen!

  29. Home with the kiddies. Doing a lot of reading which takes me to many places.

  30. My vacation has come and gone. I went to Tampa a few weeks ago and had a great time with family. Went to Universal and visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was my second time and I got to see a lot more than the first go around. I had been there in 2010 on opening day. Stood in line for 8 hours and barely saw a thing!
    THE OTHER WOMAN was fabulous and I am totally Not THE WRONG GIRL to win and read the ARC! Jackie Jones

  31. Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading both THE OTHER WOMAN and THE WRONG GIRL. I always put reviews up on facebook, Goodreads, twitter, Amazon, and my blog.

  32. Hank have you tried the hot tea called Throat Coat? That's what my opera-singing son uses.

    Congrats on the release of the paperback—you get to be excited all over again! So many good things coming your way. Enjoy! And good luck with your voice!

  33. Jackie, how was HArry Potter Land? I'd love to hear!

    Throat Coat! Off to find it, thank you Kathryn! xx

  34. Hank, there's also a throat spray called Singer's Saving Grace. I've seen it in health food stores. When I did a lot of public speaking I carried one with me at all times, just in case. Only needed it once, but that's all it takes, right?


    It only came in one flavor back then; now there appear to be six.

  35. Thank you! Ordering! Ordering ALL of it!

  36. Hank, I am so sad I won't be able to see you at Desert Sleuths in August... no wheelchair van and no way to get up to Scottsdale. You know I love you. xoxoxo

    I hope some day you and all the Reds will come down to the Tucson Festival of Books

  37. Hank, my vacation will be a staycation....because I just signed a contract for a 3 book deal! They just announced today that I am the winner of the 2013 Journalstone horror writing contest, and I will be navigating my first professional experience with editing! Sorry for the gloat, I'm just on cloud 9...

  38. Marianne in MaineJuly 2, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    Congratulations, Cy!

  39. Congratulations, Cy!

    Hank, Throat Coat can be found in most grocery stores and will definitely help. Slippery elm. Also, Ricolah cough drops in the original herbal. They contain slippery elm and honey, plus menthol and other herbs that help.

    Almost any kind of hot tea with honey will help to a lesser extent, also, especially mint. Ginger tea is also good. It's anti-inflammatory.

  40. Cy, that's fantastic! Congratulations!

  41. If I take time off during the Summer, it will be a staycation. Staying home and reading and watching tv and NOT working. :)

  42. CY! You completely rock! HURRAY! And Cloud 9 is a lovely place to be!

    YAY! And email me about your guest slot on Jungle Red! Must do... h ryan at whdh dot com


  43. 2 Weeks in Alaska next month. I have The Other Woman in hardcover, but the paperback may be the ideal book for my traveling companion to read......

  44. Congrats, Hank, on the awards! I look forward to hearing you speak at Magna Cum Murder in October!

    I'm stay-cationing this summer. My backyard is my favorite place to relax, my dogs can be there, and the quick-set pool is ready (if only the thunderstorms would clear out). Besides, this lets me save money for buying books at Magna!

  45. Yes, LInda, a paperback is SUCH a lovely vacation idea! I love to see paperbacks all salty, and dotted with sunscreen..when the pages have been wet, you know it's a good book!

  46. Thank you, mmgage! See you at Magna..lovely! ANd terrific idea to save up for books! :-) MAke sure to find me!

  47. Hi Hank!

    No summer vacation for me. Oddly, the thing I am most looking forward to is a memorial service for my uncle who passed away last Fall. Family will be traveling in from all around the country, and these people ARE my happy place. So, maybe it's a vacation after all.

    I've been cheering THE OTHER WOMAN along it's way, and can't wait for THE WRONG GIRL,


  48. Staying home . . . I find I like the idea of travel more than the actual process these days . . . so virtual travel by reading is ideal. Armchair (or futon) adventure!
    . . . and you write wonderful adventures!
    Take good care of that voice. GinGins (ginger) work well, and Throat Comfort Tea. ;-)

  49. Diane Russom HarrisonJuly 3, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    Summer vacation! Wow, here goes. I am spending several weeks in my hometown area of Saratoga Springs, NY. Started this on June 11th and will stay in this area until sometime after the first week in August.

    So far: I've been to a beautiful wedding in New Rochelle at a gorgeous venue overlooking Long Island Sound. Today I took a day trip to Northern Vermont with my Hubs and our doggie, Jazz. This weekend we will spend time at my brother's house on an Adirondack Lake. Next week we travel to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for 5 days with our nieces and nephews.

    The week after that I am taking the Hubs to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY since he's never been there! Then back to my brother's for his 60th birthday/retirement soiree. Back to Saratoga to spend a few days watching the beautiful horses race.
    The last weekend in July will find me at the shore in CT for a lovely baby shower for the daughter of one of my "sisters from another mother"!

    If we're still breathing, we plan to go to Ogunquit or Rockport for a few days before heading back to St. Louis. Phew, I'm exhausted already!

    Diane Russom Harrison

  50. Aw, Beth, that is so lovely...we're thinking of you.

    And thank you!

  51. Ah...I am so thrilled with all of you! Thank you so much...and hey, I'll give three ARCs since, you are all so fabulous.

    THE WINNERS (chosen by closing eyes and pointing) ARE:
    Susan Coster
    Jackie Jones
    Michelle JAmes

    Just send your addresses to me at h ryan at whdh dot com

    And HURRAY!

    ANd thank you!

  52. Hank, Blythe Danner did not always have a throaty voice. She acquired it on Broadway many years ago very early in her career. She told my parents it was caused by too any performances at full volume... please rest your voice. You are still in broadcasting.

  53. Hi Hank,
    Congratulations on your very well-earned critical acclaim! looking forward to reading The Wrong Girl.
    this summer: since The Wrong Girl won't be out till fall, I won't be reading it yet. I will be reading the new Karin Slaughter book (just got it). And The Sweet Scent of Murder (Susan P. Baker). And Last to Die (Tess Gerritsen).
    And, of course, spending time working on the third in my "mother and me" mystery series.....
    So--- a reading and writing summer "vacation" -- at home.
    sandy gardner