Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Predicting 2013

HALLIE EPHRON: Happy 2013 everyone! Today I am inspired to go out on a limb and make a few predictions for the new year.
  • Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone will star as Ranger and Morelli.
  • Lee Child will write a standalone.
  • Anthony Hopkins will play the Wizard of Oz.
  • Twinkies will be back in the supermarkets with flavored fillings and chocolate coating.
  • Dennis Lehane will wear chinos and a Polo shirt in public but refuse to be photographed wearing them.
  • Petitions will be filed and hazelnuts will reappear in mixed nuts.
  • No one will remember Honey Boo Boo.
  • Kalinda will be charged with murder on The Good Wife; she did it, but she'll get off.
  • The world will not end.
  • At least a half dozen thrillers will have as their premise a massive failure in "the cloud."
  • There will still be books.
  • I will finally get an e-reader just in time to discover that they are obsolete.
  • Julia will run for school board and take up synchronized swimming.
  • Jan will run away to sea.
  • Ro will climb tall mountains and have exciting news.
  • Roberta will discover she likes skate but she will not admit it.
  • Kaye will get HER BOOK out there and continue to delight us.
  • There will be reports of Hank complaining, but they will be unsubstantiated.
  • Debs will get arrested during a guided tour of Scotland Yard.
  • Rhys will have tea with Kate Middleton.
  • My lemon tree will grow back its leaves.
  • At Jungle Red Writers, the beat will go on!
 What about your predictions for 2013? Share!


  1. Alabama will beat Notre Dame.
    Two more Jungle Red Writers will be nominated for Anthonys.
    The U.S. economy will grow in a noticeable fashion (2.5 to 3%).
    Someone will start shooting a movie about Andrew Jackson and his dueling days.
    James Patterson will publish a literary novel about his coming of age.

  2. I haven’t got a clue as to what 2013 will bring, but I’m wishing everyone a bright, happy, and successful new year. Thank goodness “There will still be books” . . . may there be lots and lots of them . . . .

  3. Love yours, Jack - ESP the Anthonys and the economy. James Patterson: I think that's actually a good bet.

    Joan, best wishes back at you!

  4. Oh, How Fun!!!! I love this!! (and thank you, Hallie. From your lips to God's ear).

    I already made one prediction yesterday here regarding our Hallie and that is that her newest book will be a huge hit. Just you wait.

    Won't it be fun to come back here in a year to see which predictions come true?

    Happy New Year, Reds! Smooches all around!

  5. LOL, I keep hearing Sylvester Stallone's voice saying, "Yo, Stephanie!"

  6. AH HA, Hallie, you are wonderful! And for you, I predict...well, you know. I can't say it.

    (Ramona, that's perfect!)

  7. Jack, crossing fingers!And then, you! (The ANthony, not the coming-of-age.)

    Aw, Joan..you are so wonderful..you, too.

    And Kaye, there's NO QUESTION. 2013 is the year of KAYE.

  8. As 2013 brings us a Fiscal Cliff, Congress will then send us over the Fiscal Abyss, and probably the fiscal Black Hole. In an effort to avoid thinking about this whole mess, Americans will turn enthusiastically to books by the Jungle Reds -- actually buying them in such large quantities that our national economy is completely restored and healthy. Taking their new-found wealth in stride, the Jungle Reds will then volunteer their services in baking cupcakes for every American (possibly starting with me).

    Utopia with cupcakes...can there be a better prediction?

  9. Hallie, you are wonderful. I like my prediction the best:-)

  10. Utopia with cupcakes -- I LOVE IT! Thanks, Jerry House!!

  11. Happy New Year, everyone. I'm looking forward to my tea with Kate Middleton. Maybe I'll be asked to be godmother to the baby...George/Phillip or Victoria/Mary if my poll is right.

    One thing I predict for all Jungle Reds--the year 2013 will not be BORING! Here's to fun and laughter for all of us... another Jungle Red family Feud maybe? Wait a minute, was that fun?

  12. IT WAS! IT WAS! She said waving a red leopard-print pashmina.

  13. 1) Hallie's new novel will become a bestseller. That was the easy prediction.
    2) The vampire novel fad will end.
    3) E-book sales will continue to soar and self-pubbed e-book authors who put in the social media marketing work will be rewarded.
    4) My 2013-launched, as yet secret, writer's series will take off.
    5) Someone will do a bio anthology of Jack Getze, Joan Emerson, Kaye Barley, Ramona, Hank Phillipi Ryan, and other top blog responders at Jungle Red.
    6) Catherine Ryan Hyde will be back in the spotlight--yeah, you don't recognize her name, right? She'll again give us a Pay It Forward (her novel) by entering the limelight and calling for a national citizen movement to ban assault weapons and ammunition clips to pay it forward to life and future generations.

    Maybe I should stop there. Happy New Year! May we all prosper, be healthy, and help each other.

  14. Ooooh, I hope all of that comes true, Elizabeth! And (when you're ready) let us trumpet the inside scoop on your new writer's series and we can help it take off!

  15. My new year started in September, when I "met" Jungle Red -- I predict that I will read through the JR list in 2013.
    I have made a good start, having read five books so far!
    I started the new year at 3 a.m. when I finished "12 Clues," and then included mince tarts (THAT CRUST!!!) in my late breakfast.
    I predict that I will continue to enjoy a daily dose of clever, insightful, and entertaining BLOG.

  16. Oh, Denise Ann - you do know the way to a girl's heart... we're so happy to have you onboard. xx

  17. I PREDICT....

    -- I will come back very, very quickly, if I run away to sea.

    -- Hallie and Roberta will combine their energies on a best selling multi-media cookbook that goes to the top of the NYT bestselling non-fiction list.

    -- Whoever claimed to have heard Hank complain will be discredited.

    - Kaye's book includes a country western song that goes platinum

    - Julie enters the Olympics for the high dive.

    - Ro builds entire new self-sufficient settlements in the third world and an addition to her library in Africa.

    Rhys' tea also includes Pippa.

    Debs new book is another big hit.

    Joan, Jack Elizabeth, Jerry, and Denise Anne and Reine, as well as others who could not show up today, are the first recipients of whatever cupcakes we bake.

    (And have terrific new years )

  18. Happy New Year to all of you. I'm looking forward to a lot of good books!

  19. Dennis Lehane will wear chinos and a Polo shirt in public but only in Cambridge while leading a discussion group at Harvard. He will be photographed, because he knows that anyone reading The Crimson will not notice he's wearing chinos and a Polo shirt. He will, however, go to Au Bon Pain in the square and change clothes before leaving the Peoples Republic of Cambridge.

  20. Jan! I'm here! I'm here! There are cupcakes?

  21. Jan, love your predictions. So, Kaye, we're waiting!

  22. I'm here too! (Just trying to ignore all this while I get the word count up to more than 6000 for the mini-retreat I finally managed to get to after having a stone-dead Prius battery - grrr.)

    I predict that Jan's new historical will be wildly popular, that one of my sons will become engaged to his dear Alison, that Jungle Reds will win the International Best Blog Evah Award, and that a certain Local Foods Mystery series will sell so well that its author will be able to quit her day job! All this and more.

    Happy New Year to my favorite Best Blog Evah!

  23. Magical bookcases that can hold all the books I will ever want to read will appear in my home, so I can store all the books I love and not need to periodically dispose of books in order to make room for more. I will meet all of the JRW authors as well as all my other favorite authors so I can thank them in person for enriching my life.**

    ALL books will be available in both traditional format, as well as electronic, so that there are choices for readers who have physical difficulties with holding thick books, or are visually impaired and cannot find their favorite books in Large Print.

    **All my favorite authors, including the Reds, will make appearances, if not in my hometown, then no more than eight miles away. I will be there. There will be chocolate.


    cupcakes over there on the sideboard - y'all dig in and we'll do a little bit of two-stepping.

    you guys are THE best.

  25. CHOCOLATE cupcakes, too? Please?

    Let me bring brownies!

  26. Love your blog and this flurry of 2013 predictions. My guesses for the upcoming year ...

    At least one state will get all het up about seceding over some issue or other. It will all fall apart when they realize that a political divorce doesn't include alimony.

    Virtually every bestselling author will have a YA novel in progress.

    In addition to cloud-themed thrillers (good call, that), there will be a rash of mystery-thriller-suspense novels in which the issue of gun control is a factor.

    More literary good guys and bad guys alike will be driven by "causes".

    It will slowly dawn on us that the Mayans were actually right. The world as we knew it is over. The question is: what will we make of the new world?

  27. So interesting, Silk Questo -- I do think you're right about the Mayan thing. I think people will look back on 2012 as a turning point - when we realized something (climate, population...) had changed. Not a happy thought.

  28. Great idea--Jungle Red Cookbook!

  29. 2013 will be the year that all the Jungle Reds (who publish a book that year) hit the NYT bestsellers list.

    The Reds will reprise Family Feud at Malice Domestic 2013 to huge cheers.

    Anthonys, Agathas, and Edgars will be thrown around to Reds with such abandon that PEOPLE WILL TALK.

    Tom Cruise's production company will buy Julia's series so he can cast himself as Russ Van Alstine, Debs' series so he can cast himself as Duncan Kincaid, and Rhys' series so he can cast himself as Darcy.

    Politicians will continue to set new lows for intelligence and civil behavior (Had to have one sure bet.)

  30. All wonderful...I would just add that I predict I will get a new computer in CT since the current one hasn't let me get online for the past 2 days.
    Hank's is my fave!