Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soup for a winter Sunday

RHYS BOWEN: Since many of us will be watching football and not want to cook dinner, I'm sharing one of my very favorite soup recipes.This particular version was given to me by my friend Penny in England. I added the carrot for that tiny extra bit of sweetness. The interesting thing is that I don't really like the flavor of parsnips but I really love this. I have served this to guests and they never know what the flavor is--it tastes sinfully rich and creamy but is really very healthy.


One large onion
One carrot
About six parsnips
half stick of butter
2 pints good stock (Can be chicken or vegetable)
1 heaped ts curry powder
half and half (or low fat milk if you'd rather)
salt and pepper to taste

Chop the onion finely. Chop carrot and parsnips into chunks
Saute the onion until transparent. Stir in the curry powder and saute into the onion. Add the parsnip and carrot and saute.
Pour in the stock. Bring to a boil then simmer until the veggies are tender.
Add seasonings to taste
Blend well
while it is still a little too thick add half and half or milk to taste. Blend again.
Decorate if you want to be fancy with a dob of sour cream and chopped parsley.

Serve with crusty bread. Heaven. And if you want a good book to read while you are sipping your soup--well, the ladies of Jungle Red Writers have books to satisfy every taste and mood. And new books coming out soon.... stay tuned.


  1. Mmm, that sounds delicious, Rhys.

    I love parsnips, and grew a ton of them last summer, a big bag of which is still in the freezer. I've been wondering what, other than adding to vegetable soup, I could do with them. So, soup for a winter Sunday, it is! Thank you.


  2. This sounds delicious, Thank You!

    We are big soup lovers and seem to have the crockpot simmering away most of the winter.

    As a matter of fact, today's Soup du Jour is old fashioned Veggie Beef and Barley.

  3. This sounds SO yummy. I actually like parsnips, although I don't think I'd ever tasted one until I spent time England. They a great addition to soups or a winter veggie roast.

    I just joined a produce co-op. Maybe next pick-up there will be parsnips...

  4. We grew up on home-made soups that ALWAYS included parsnips. I wouldn't dream of making soup if I have no parsnips! Thanks for the recipe, Rhys; now I have another parsnip-containing soup to make! I just returned from grocery shopping and picked up all the makings for vegetable chicken barley soup, includiing parsnips, of course!

    A couple of years ago I started roasting root vegetables, including parsnips, based on a recipe I found in the New York Times. I tried to find it in my jumble of recipes just now but couldn't immediately lay my hands on it. You can google it or you can just improvise; it's pretty simple and quite delicious!

  5. Deb, my daughter roasts root veggies for "Sunday roast" all the time. They are so good.

  6. There are so many good parsnip recipes . . . this soup sounds yummy. Parsnips are generally a rarity in our local grocery . . . and everyone here usually clamors for Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake when we do find them . . . but I’m going to try this soup! Thanks for sharing the recipe . . . .

  7. Maybe parsnips are a west coast thing. I grew up in CA, don't remember NOT having parsnips. Loved them then, love them still. I even put parsnips in with my corned beef when I fix it.

  8. Parsnips are making a "comeback" here in the States. We had them all the time when I was a kid. Then they disappeared. Now they show up in farmers' markets and even some supermarkets. I just can't make "beef stew" without parsnips and rutabagas; it doesn't taste right!
    I'm going to try this recipe, but I'll skip the curry. If I like it, I may "creep" into curry.
    Don't get me wrong. I love curry. But parsnips are so wonderfully unique (with the possible exception of salsify) that they deserve a chance to "go natural"!

  9. We've always had parsnips in the states that I I've lived in but had my first only a couple of years ago when one my aunts made her incredible Irish stew. I loved it and wondered where I'd spent my whole life without parsnips. I'm going to try your stew, Rhys. Thank you.

  10. Yummy!

    But I do want Barley Barley soup. Except if Kaye only uses a little bit, it's barely barley Barley soup.

  11. omg... can't believe I just got that… Barley Barley soup.